SEO for Cannabis Dispensary (Marijuana SEO)

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How we get from 2000 to 15 000 users monthly with SEO in 2020 (Cannabis Business)

This is how we get the results for Marijuana Dispensary Business - MedMen - especially with Local Stores Page - from 2000 users monthly to 15 000 just within 6 months!


Back to September 2019

We are not presenting us as marijuana marketing gurus, since we mainly perform SEO in the CBD industry. But one day in 2019 we had a new client with an already well-known cannabis brand. Their goal was to expand current SEO with marijuana cannabis keywords over the locations of they're existing offline stores.

It was pretty easy for us because MedMen is an offline store network in several cities and states, so people already know this brand. The main key for us after deep competition analysis was marijuana content, PR's, and expert product reviews.

SEO Strategy for Cannabis Store

  • Building local SEO strategy with local keywords, marijuana near me, and other cannabis keywords.
  • Setting local pages structure
  • Setting GMB's for each Cannabis Store in "Location"
  • Expanding current content - doing more product reviews, Cannabinoid and THC profile description, what is effect infographics
  • Press Releases for each location - we are opened in "city"
  • 70-80 monthly backlinks
  • Expert reviews on products and blog


cbd keywords growth

SEPT-OCT, 2019 - Finding all local keywords, local-store page development

- We've decided to start from doing a research on all Marijuana + cannabis local keywords, near me keywords and doing 40+ additional landings per location

- Research on brand keywords - including brand keywords in meta tags

- Page design + meta tags + featured snippet optimization to get in «near me» google knowledge box

- Pushing live all the 40+ pages

DEC, 2019 - GMB's + Dispensary keywords

- Building up a GMB's per location

- Expanding current content, writing «CBD\THC» Cannabinoid profile per product

- Expanding current keywords list, focusing on «delivery» keyword

- Writing «full terpene profile» description per product as EAT Google Update Guidelines shows

- Programming & Coding fixes implementing

FEB, 2020 - 10K traffic monthly + PR's

- Press Releases on each location we've added «we are opened in Los Angeles» - 10+ PR's per location

- Adding infographic with effects on each product

- Adding expert product - review + markup

- 80+ backlinks per month - crowd posts, niche forums, guest posts

google analytics growth

FINAL RESULT - APR, 2020 - 15 000 visits monthly, and 3000 returning clients per month!