An CBD affiliate can drive traffic to their CBD affiliate store or CBD affiliate website by using SEO (search engine optimization) for CBD affiliates. CBD affiliate marketing is a great way to get started in e-commerce business with low investment: you don't need to stock inventory, and there are no customer service issues. People come to CBD site, find what they are looking for and buy it.

All affiliate should focus on seo the same time when creating cbd wallet account & rank high on google 1st page on major search keywords related CBD oil products like nano CBD oil , CBD edibles , CBD oil side effects . Remember the biggest searchable keyword in Google is "CBD Oil" without mentioning any brand name or model number. BUT... It's super competitive. We recommend to focus local keywords like "CBD Dallas" or other cities.

CBD affiliate SEO is about getting CBD site and CBD product found on major search engines. CBD seo is all about CBD website & CBD store ranking high on Google 1st page for high traffic CBD keywords, CBD phrases..etc

The top results appearing in the search engine result pages (SERPs) are the sites and shops CBD affiliate should target. CBD affiliates can rank their CBD sites & CBD shops for CBD products keywords by using SEO with proper CBD affiliate marketing tactics. Ranking high on Google will be a huge boost to your sales. People are looking to buy things online from time to time. They visit search engines such as Google or other, enter specific keywords that describe their queries (e.g., "black Friday deals") and press Search or Enter button:

How To Start A CBD Affiliate Store?

There is no need to offer CBD products in your CBD affiliate store if you don't want to due to strict quality control rules & regulations of CBD oil industry in countries like USA, UK..etc Keep it simple yet lucrative CBD affiliate website: CBD SEO for CBD affiliates store can be done by placing CBD banner ads on CBD related forums to drive traffic to CBD affiliate store CBD store & CBD affiliate websites. CBD links will be your best bet, if you want to rank high on search engines in 2018 - CBD SEO for CBD affiliate store. CBD affiliates can also offer CBD SEO service to others CBD affilates , CBD website owners, CBD sellers & CBD buyers / CBD shop owners.

How to rank your CBD affiliate website?

There are various ways to rank high on search engines for the most popular CBD keywords. Here are 8 ways:

i) Create A Blog On Your Site

ii) Social Media Marketing

iii) Quality Backlinks

iv) Optimize CBD Page SEO

v) CBD Forum Marketing

vi) CBD Video Marketing

vii) CBD Product Reviews & CBD Press Release

viii) CBD PPC (Pay Per Click) & CBD SEO Services

Create A Blog On CBD Affiliate Site

The first way to rank high on search engines is to put a blog on your site. Always opt for fresh, original content no matter what. You can share anything you find interesting, informative or useful and people will appreciate that. The best part of blogging is that it doesn't cost you anything but time: Social Media Marketing Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are always popular with the majority of Internet users because they offer an easy and convenient way to communicate with friends and members online: Quality Backlinks

cbd breaker website

How we went from 3K to 12K monthly CBD visitors within 3 months

Very fast growth on a CBD affiliate website - cbdbreaker - it's a blog all about CBD - best oils, vapes, shops comparison.


We just seen a good blog with tons of content, and pages, but with the real lack of link juice (a.k.a backlinks).

Average competitor is getting around 40-60 backlinks per month, we had around 70~ total so we decided to get more linkjuice as our priority plan.

Easy project when the main problem is backlinks - as usual a lot of technical \ content things exists, but we are lucky!


  • There was good content but a lack of keywords inside. As a result, we've risen average keyword density from 1% to 3% + using entities
  • We've chosen local keywords where competition level is almost "0" - for example "cbd Dallas"
  • Developing the best structure of local blogs, using less competition and higher volume keywords only
  • Technical optimization, performance, markup, and around 30 points in our checklist
  • Link Building - after completing a competition analysis to check what they're doing, we decided to start from approximately 80 monthly backlinks, including Crowd Posts, Quora, Reddit Links, Niche forums, Guest Posts, and PR distribution.


SEPT, 2019 - 3k visits monthly

- We've chosen the best non-competitive keywords, 10 landings per month.
- We also checked the content regarding seo, added more words to pages (averagely 1000 words per page)
- Setting up the proper SILO structure of blogs for each keyword intent
- Started backlink building - 80 links per month - Guest Posts, Crowd Posts, Forums

OCT, 2019 - 7K visitors per month

- Optimizing all pages in the top 10-20 for json markup, especially website, author, and reviews (stars)
- Doing proper internal hyperlinking inside the content, based on our SILO structure
- Keep doing backlinks
- Optimizing Meta tags with "Call to action" words
- Implementing programming & coding, all technical assignments - Markup, performance, redirects, robots, and more (around 30 points in the checklist).

NOV, 2019 - 12 000 users per month + setting local pages

- Already having around 20% of keywords in top 10
- Doing local pags to get less competition traffic - for example - best cbd shops in dallas
- Doing more Press Releases on brandname to get more trust to brand.

google analytics growth thanks to cbd local seo

FINAL RESULT - 12 000 Organic users monthly (2500 weekly) just within 3 months