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How to increase CTR from 2.5% to 4.7% and from 3K to 8K daily clicks within 2 weeks

Check out our case study about writing brilliant meta tags for CBD. Only a few actions were implemented on the page "CBD Oil" and it allowed us to double our CBD Snippet Clickthrough Rate and get 50% more sales just within 2 weeks, the same as ROI.

cbd clicks in google search console

From the very beginning, we would like to show a real case study about how we performed a step-by-step plan to double "cbd oil" CTR rate from 2.5% to 5%, as long as daily clicks varied from 3,5K to 8.3K - just by simply optimizing our Google Snippet

1. Use Short but CTA keywords in your CBD meta tags

There's no point to write long meta title tags in 2020. Optimal title size is 40-55 symbols

For example: Best CBD Oils for Anxiety in 2020 - Depression Alliance - where "Best" is CTA word.

More CTA words:

  • Best
  • for sale
  • affordable
  • cheapest
  • 2020
  • discount
  • 100% Natural
buy cbd oil title

2. Use | as a separator in your CBD meta title tag

If you're using Google Adwords, you might see that the only way you can separate your Title sections by using |. This tactic is good enough for SEO. As long as TOP 1 "CBD OIL" page is using this tactic.

cbd oil meta description

3. Use emoji's in your meta description (Oil, hemp, and others)

2020 is the year of messengers and graphic info. You should somehow "highlight" your snippet and the best way is by using an emoji. You can use up to 3 emoji's in your CBD Description meta tag.

rich snippets example for cbd shops

4. Use product markup (JSON)

It's easy to setup json markup. It can allow you to show items, price, availability, and stars in your CBD snippet. 100% raises your snippet's CTR to 1-2%.

FAQ rich snippets an example for cbd shops

5. Add Q\A markup to be shown in search results

It's one of the latest search features rolled out in May, 2020. Actually, maybe that's the reason that droppage was almost 70% for CBD Websites in 2020. Use this markup as much as you can - blog pages, product pages.

You can find official Google guidelines here -

cbd meta tags

6. Correct Table of Contents would give you site links in Google Snippet

TOC as a part of content structure is really matters in 2020. You can just simply add TOC to your page with Wordpress plugins.

Main point here that you have to generate unique URLs with "#" per TOC section + add scroll to content feature.



As the result you will get these URLs to snippets site links section.

rich snippets stars for cbd shops

7. Add reviews + markup to get stars in your CBD Snippet

The same json standard markup will allow you to get stars in search results. Just get it to the html code of your CBD page + test with structured data testing tool by Google.

This simple checklist would take you one day, but the results could be skyrocketing!

You can check the results example from2.5% to 4.7%CTR increase just within 2 weeks, as long as 50% more daily clicks with the same Google Search Rankings at the top of the page.

If you would like us to assist you with the CBD Meta Tags + Snippets just press "Book an estimate" button and we'll reach out to you shortly.