CBD Affiliate Traffic - KPI's, Methods, Reviews and Payouts in 2021

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Affiliate programs are quite popular marketing approaches in many industries. The verticals of such programs are diverse, and such an area as CBD is no exception. Since this niche is a little restricted when it comes to digital marketing, joining an affiliate program is one of the best ways to promote CBD brands. As for publishers, such offers also have their advantages and worthy rewards. Below you will learn more about the features of the CBD affiliate program.

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What Is CBD Affiliate Program?

To put it simply, it is possible to say that the CBD affiliate program is an exchange or barter. The advertiser finds a partner who will advertise the product/service or website. In return, the partner receives a reward, and the advertiser receives an influx of potential customers or an increase in sales.

The variations of such cooperation are endless, and it is worth noting that this is one of the most reasonable options for CBD advertising today. This type of marketing is good for the CBD industry because it is a proven way to get an interested audience and avoid restrictions. Affiliate marketing is capable of reaching a much larger audience than traditional advertising, especially given the fact that PPC ads in Google are prohibited for hemp-infused products.

If we talk about a publisher, then this is a good opportunity for digital monetization and a way to get passive income.


Types of Cooperation In The Affiliate Program

To better understand how you can effectively collaborate within an affiliate program, let's start with the KPI definition.KPI in affiliate marketing allows you to measure the effectiveness of a partnership to analyze progress and results in the context of the strategic goal.

So, the conditions of the CBD affiliate program are considered fulfilled after the consumer makes a conversion on the web resource. By the way, in most cases, the consumer does not even need to purchase for the publisher to make money. For example, some brands and companies are willing to pay a publisher if a consumer will subscribe to a newsletter or will download a particular app. Below you will find the most popular models for receiving a reward and partnership terms in the context of the affiliate program.

CPI (Cost Per Install)This model of affiliate partnership is relevant for those promoting their applications. Under this model, partners receive rewards after users download a mobile app. Affiliates usually receive commissions for each download.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)This model has become a multi-billion dollar industry in marketing and is the most common form of cooperation. According to this model, the advertiser pays the partner at the end of a certain action by the audience. For example, after making a purchase, an advertiser may receive payment. Also, this model can be extended to other actions from the audience, which are usually set by the advertiser.

CPS (Cost Per Sale)This is one of the most common models in the field of affiliate cooperation. The essence of this model is that the publisher receives a percentage of the purchase if the consumer has come to the advertiser site from the publisher. Within the framework of this program, the partner is a source of attracting consumers to the advertiser's website and the final goal is to make a purchase.

CPL (Cost Per Lead)This type of cooperation model in the affiliate sphere is very popular, especially in the field of digital products. But it can be applied to CBD as well. So, the bottom line is that publishers or partners should provoke their audience to go to the advertiser's website and take a certain action. Most CBD sites offer prospective leads to download guides or e-books about CBD products.

CPC (Cost Per Click)This is another common advertising CBD oil affiliate model and it is quite similar to the standard advertising model. The affiliate should encourage their audience to go to the advertiser's website. A unique affiliate link allows the advertiser to determine where the traffic is coming from. This model works well with those partners who have a quality resource with high traffic turnover, which will attract new users and potential buyers to their site.

CPM (Cost Per Mille)It is noteworthy that this model is less popular and less effective compared to the other. The bottom line is that you need to place an affiliate banner that will contain a special tracking link. Concerning payment, usually, advertisers pay publishers an agreed-upon rate for every 1000 views. This model is suitable for resources with high-quality and active traffic so that users pay attention to this banner.

CBD Payouts Types Within CBD Programs

Today, CBD brands can choose the terms of cooperation and the amount of payment for the CBD oil affiliate program. Also, each affiliate program has its terms regarding payments. Someone pays their publishers rewards once a month, someone sets a minimum amount for withdrawing money. The latter is more common when you are partnering with an advertiser through an intermediary. Below you can see the types of payments based on the best CBD oil affiliate programs.

  • Diamond. This affiliate program offers a reward of 20% on every sale. As for the duration of the tracking cookie period, it is 90 days.
  • CBDPure. This program provides a reward on every purchase in the amount of 40%. The duration of the cookie tracking period is 90 days. According to the CBD Pure affiliate reviews, the partner receives payments every month.
  • Biocare. This affiliate program implies receiving a commission in the amount of 20% for each sale. It is worth noting that according to this program, the size of the commission will increase depending on the number of your sales. For example, if you sell products for $5,000 in total, the commission will be 30%.

If we talk about cooperation with brands within the framework of the affiliate program directly, then some companies even offer their users a monetary reward after the first sale.

CBD Affiliate Network vs Brand Affiliate Network

As mentioned, there are different types of affiliate marketing collaboration. For example, you can become an affiliate program partner directly from a certain brand, or you can find offers using CBD ad network intermediary platforms. What is the difference between these types of cooperation?

Difference for Advertisers

  • Brand. This option comes with the ability to establish your own rules and conditions of cooperation without additional costs for intermediary services. However, the degree of responsibility and the need to monitor the quality of traffic and the development of anti-fraud policies are increasing. But in the context of such cooperation, the choice of a partner remains with the advertiser, which is also an advantage. This is a good option for already established brands.
  • Intermediate Platforms. The main benefits are the quick launch of an advertising campaign and the ability to get high-quality traffic without scammers. Most of the job will be done by the CBD advertising network team, so this allows you to make a quick start and get good results. The cost of such services can be higher than the own launch of the program. It is also worth noting that this collaboration option is ideal for new CBD brands.

Difference for Publishers

  • Brand. Collaborating with the brand directly allows you to receive high commissions in the event of a sale. Most brands offer payouts of 20% or more of the purchase. But often, brands claim special requirements. For instance, they may require a publisher to work with a CBD brand exclusively, and avoid promoting competitors on the platform.
  • Intermediate Platforms. Cooperation with intermediaries often implies a fixed rate for the performance of some actions. But it is often possible to execute several offers and not deal with the technical part of advertising placement.

As you can see, each type of collaboration has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should understand your goals before choosing the type of cooperation. What's more, this applies to both the publisher and the advertiser.

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How to Find the Right Affiliate Program?

To find a worthy affiliate program, the first step is to decide whether you want to use an intermediary platform or want to work with the brand directly.

Regardless of which form of cooperation you choose, it is worth considering the availability of CBD affiliate reviews both about the intermediary and the brand. For example, some intermediary platforms guarantee that if the advertiser does not pay for the services, then you will still receive payment for advertising. But sometimes the reviews state that the publishers are often faced with frequent delays in payments.

As for cooperation with brands, you should pay attention to various reviews on the Internet and also always clarify your guarantees as a publisher. When working with a brand, pay direct attention to the reputation of the company as a whole. Choose the leaders in the CBD industry.

If you want to cooperate with brands, check out CBD Biocare affiliate reviews or Diamond CBD affiliate reviews. Also, pay attention to the CBD Pure affiliate program. Such brands have a good reputation and reliable feedback.


There are a lot of affiliate programs that come with an exclusively beneficial potential for both advertisers and publishers. To find the one that suits you best, consider professional affiliate marketing consulting services at CBD Local SEO. We would be happy to help you choose a profitable affiliate opportunity and set up the process right.

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