How to Gather a CBD Customers Database in 2021?

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How to Gather a CBD Customers' Database in 2021?

Creating a database of loyal, solvent, and brand-committed customers is one of the primary tasks of any new business. CBD brands are no exception, however, given the specifics of the product and some restrictions on its digital promotion, creating a CBD customers' database from scratch becomes even more challenging but still possible.

In this article, we are going to share 10 actionable strategies on how to gather a CBD business database in 2021 and develop a strong foundation for your business development.

What Is a Client Database and Why Should You Constantly Work With It?

The essence of a client database, including the CBD database, is clear from its name. This is the list of your previous, current, and future customers (prospective leads) with their relevant contact information, and in some cases, more specific personal data (such as birthday and social media profile); and more detailed information about purchase history and other touchpoints with your brand as part of your marketing strategy. In the case when the business has the maximum amount of customer data, then the customer database turns into a full-fledged customer relationship management system (CRM).

However, in the case of a newly created CBD company, the CBD business database most often takes the form of a list created in Google Sheets. Even so, you have the opportunity to work with your CBD customers and you must do it to make them move through your sales funnel.

To understand the importance of working with your CBD database, let's remember the sales funnel stages. They are:

  • Awareness. Most likely, the CBD customers whom you have gathered in your database are aware of what CBD is and how it can be used. However, they still may have some concerns preventing them from the first purchase, and at the stage of awareness, you should begin your conversation with them to move them further to the button of your sales funnel.
  • Consideration. At the stage of consideration, your leads are already aware of possible CBD effects and benefits, but they still aren't ready to make a purchase. Thus, you should motivate them to do it with the help of relevant and scientifically-backed-up content.
  • Purchase. This is the stage we are aiming at, however, this is not the end of your interaction with your CBD clients.
  • Post-purchase. After the first purchase is made, you should continue to work with your CBD database and motivate your customers to make repeated orders, as well as recommend you to those interested.

The sales funnel structure also points to the necessity to segment your CBD clients and develop specific content marketing strategies for each of them to provide a personalized and relevant brand experience.

How to Create a Customer Database if You Are a New CBD Business?

So, let's get started by creating a new CBD business database with the help of the practice-proven tips below:

1. Come up With the Strategy for Getting in Touch With the Leads You Already Have

Getting in touch with the leads you already have is the most obvious and the easiest way to get some sales. Depending on the contact data you have, you may outreach them by email or by phone.

As for the first approach, come up with a greeting letter, remind them that they have shared their contacts with you, and offer a piece of valuable content. Remember, these leads are at the stage of awareness or consideration, so they are not ready for direct selling in your letter. Instead, show them that you share their problem (for example, some of the core problems CBD store customers have are pain, insomnia, and some mental health disturbances). Offer some actionable pieces of advice on how to cope with their problem in addition to CBD in order to make the first step towards establishing trust.

As for getting in touch by phone, for example, in instant messengers, you may share the same content but use some FOMO tactics like some kind of "secret guide" that will disappear in several hours. This way, you will redirect them to your website and then, catch them with a popup (we will explain its essence further).

social presence

2. Develop a Strong Social Media Presence

90% of customers would like to buy from brands they follow on social media, and CBD customers are no exception. However, you have to make them follow you, and getting in touch with the ones from your database is the first step towards this purpose. To make it effective, make sure you already have valuable content posted on social media and a live audience. Thus, get started with social media content planning and creation in advance, before writing your potential customers for the first time.

3. Outreach Your Potential Customers in Social Media

As you know, advertising CBD products on social media and Google directly is prohibited. However, there are some tips that might help overcome this restriction. For example, you may try to launch a Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign, but make sure to avoid words such as CBD and hemp in your ad copy. Replace them with something like herbal or natural products for self-care.

As for one more approach, you may search for your competitors or semi-niche businesses groups and outreach their subscribers directly. However, you should be smart with the strategy, smarter than Facebook's algorithms, and send no more than five personalized messages per day in order to avoid spam filters and subsequent blocking of your profile.

P.S. Don't be upset if direct social media outreach is not as effective as you expected. Promoting CBD on social media is quite challenging but there are a lot of other, well-working tricks to boost your CBD store customers database.

4. Give Influencer Marketing a Chance

And now, it's time for good news! Even given all the pitfalls of reaching out to CBD clients in social media, influencer marketing remains quite a legal and effective strategy to get an influx of new subscribers to your social media page and redirecting them to their website. Thus, in 2021, you should give it a try. There are a lot of tools for influencer outreach, for example, UpFluence, plus there are a lot of agencies you may outsource this task to.

The prices for influencer marketing services are different, however, you may get started by cooperating with a micro-influencer on Twitter - this social platform has the lowest influencers' rates per post but it still may drive results.

5. Buy Email Databases From Other Semi-Niche Businesses and Send Them Emails

Buying a CBD business database from another CBD business is a dishonest and unethical practice, however, buying it from a semi-niche business can't be considered something illegal. You may even exchange your databases with another company, which, for example, sell wellness or skincare products with herbal components in the compound. Most likely, the newly created business from the semi-niche will gladly agree to the opportunity to boost their database as well.

After you get it, return to the first point and carefully start the conversation. Don't forget that the users whose contacts you have got, may not know about CBD or have some prejudices about it.

Thus, you should come up with several cold emails and test the results. Pay special attention to the headline. Since headlines are quite important for the user's motivation to open the letter, you are better to come up with several cold email headlines but don't' change the main content of the letter, test them, and proceed with the best option that works for the audience you have bought.

As for the cold headlines creation, try to create intrigue, for example, hint in sharing some kind of a secret, or use Fear of Missing Out tactics. For the latter case, make sure you are not using the words from Google's blacklist since this is the direct way to the spam folder.

6. Motivate Your Customers to Share Their Contacts After Making a Purchase in Your Local Store

Staying in touch with CBD store customers if you have a local store is one more challenge. However, you still have to continue the conversation with them and motivate them to repeat their purchases after buying CBD products in an offline shop. The first step is getting their contact data. For example, you may ask them to leave their phone number or email in exchange for an instant gift. Or you may offer them a 10% off certificate for any purchase from your store. After you get the desired contact, add this customer to your database but don't remember that this user is already in the post-purchase stage so you have to develop a specific content strategy to motivate them to make repeated orders.

cbd pop up example

7. Setup Pop-Ups With 10-20-30% Discount Promo Code for New Orders

Pop-ups are great tools to get qualified leads. What's more, setting them up is quite easy with the help of OptinMonster, for example. As your popup offer, suggest your website visitors fill in their email and get a 10-30% discount on their first purchase.

However, don't expect that they will use this discount instantly. Modern customers need on average seven interactions with the brand to make the purchase - these points of contact are enough to move them through the awareness and consideration stages of the sales funnel. Thus, a popup works better for lead capturing, and after you got them, you may get started with your email marketing campaign.

8. Try to Launch a PPC Ads Campaign

Promoting CBD products in Google directly is also prohibited. However, if you manage to launch a PPC ad campaign, you may rightfully expect an influx of potentially interested visitors. As with Facebook ads, you should avoid words CBD and hemp in your copy, plus create a landing page that has no mention of CBD as well. However, you may place backlinks to your website on your landing page text and motivate visitors to follow them via compelling calls to action. You may also create a pop-up to get their email or share a piece of valuable content such as a guide or short ebook to catch them as well.

However, as with the case with Facebook, be ready that your ads campaign will be rejected. In such a situation, you may either try again using different statements in your ads or proceed with the other well-working methods for CBD store customers database creation.

9. Develop a Content Plan Focused on SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is not a strategy to expect instant results from. However, when done right, it may continuously attract interested visitors without your participation. Thus, as one of the last approaches to gathering a CBD database, you may come up with SEO-focused content. Here are some tips.

  • Use location-specific keywords like "buy CBD near me" or "buy CBD in X city". This approach may also work for landing pages created specifically for different locations if you ship your products across them.
  • Use concern-specific keywords to provide your users with one of the possible solutions for their problem. For example, these are keywords like "CBD for back pain" or "CBD for depression".
  • Use question-based keywords, for example, "what CBD feels like". Search for them in Answer the Public.

10. Get Efficient Support from

As for the last way to come up with a CBD customers database, you should find out that there is special software that may help with streamlining this task. For example, with the help of our app, you will be able to parse your competitors, extract phone numbers of relevant Facebook groups subscribers and kindly send them in Whatsapp sharing personalized offers to your potential clients. With such software, you will be able to quickly get started with your CBD customers database even if you have no contacts at all, and proceed with the strategies we have shared above even more efficiently.


Creating a CBD database from scratch is quite real but you still have to invest some time and efforts in it. Proceed with the practices we have shared in this guide, as in the next article, we are going to discuss how to warm your prospective leads up and convert them into customers. Subscribe to our blog in order not to miss the update or get in touch with us right now to find out more actionable insights into gathering a profit-promising CBD clients database.

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