SEO for CBD business may sound like a lofty goal. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the process of getting your CBD business website to rank higher in organic search results on Google and other major search engines like Bing or Yahoo!. As an SEO strategy this makes sense as a way to market CBD businesss online but SEO isn't as easy as it sounds.

I'll explain why SEO can be difficult later, but first let me ask you if SEO is even right for your CBD business.

When considering SEO there are two types of websites to look at: informational (or "content") and commercial (shopping cart) sites. If you have an informational site that contains valuable information about a relevant topic then SEO might work well – if SEO is done correctly. The challenge with CBD business SEO and non-commercial sites is that they are often considered "thin" content pages – meaning that even if you optimize the page it won't be enough to really draw in visitors at a level you can monetize.

What SEO Can Do for CBD Businesss:

SEO can help increase visitor traffic and give both new and existing customers an opportunity to find your CBD business website. As more time goes by, SEO results get better because there will be less competition in organic search results as other sites drop out of Google's index (for example, if they decide to stop updating their site). It all depends on what type of products or services your business provides; SEO may be beneficial depending on the type of business you have. SEO should be one part of your CBD business marketing campaign, not the total focus.

What is SEO for CBD business?

SEO or search engine optimization techniques are used to improve the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic"), unpaid, results on a web search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines. SEO differs from local SEO and holistic SEO in that SEO is purely focused on improving rankings on a particular set of keywords within a specific website only whereas; Local SEO deals with hyper-local words like "CBD dallas" which are more geographical in nature while Holistic SEO covers a broader spectrum of keywords.

How we went from 10 000 to 400 000 users monthly for Affiliate CBD project

This is how we get the results for our client - depressionalliance org - from 10K to 200K monthly visits within 8 months. Affiliate CBD website.

google analytics increase cbd local seo

Back to 2018

It was early NOV, 2018 when we finally decided to work together.

We've started SEO on new blog about depression, where especially almost all treatment comes with CBD products - pain, sleep, anxiety, and other diseases which could be treated with CBD.

There was around 10-20K visits monthly already and a few pages in the top 10. So we decided to deeply check how CBD companies are doing in terms of content, links, structure, blogs, UI, and other things.

So we started with a SEO strategy.


  • Not focusing on the main "CBD Oil" keyword - competition is too high. Look into disease "anxiety, sleep, and other "smaller" groups
  • Outreaching with expert writers in the medical area to get the best expert written content. We decided to be the top1 in terms of quality of content so we get around 5 authors and doctors who can lean only on official research data. Developing the best structure of blogs, using less competition, and higher volume keywords only.
  • Technical optimization, UX A/B testing, performance, markup, around 30 points in our checklist
  • Knowledge Box optimization a.k.a Position "0" in Google Search Results
  • Pinterest account setup and building links to the brand page
  • Link Building - after we completed a competition analysis to check what they're doing - we decided to start from 100~ monthly backlinks, including Crowd Posts, Quora, Reddit Links, Niche forums, Guest Posts, and PR distribution.


NOV, 2018 - 20 000 users monthly

- We've chosen the best non-competitive keywords, 30 landings per month, all about pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders
- Setting up the proper SILO structure of blogs for each keyword intent
- Started backlink building - 100 links per month
- Pinterest setup

JAN, 2019 - 150 000 users monthly

- Optimizing all pages in the top 10-20 for json markup, especially website, author, and reviews (stars)
- Doing proper internal hyperlinking inside the content, based on our silo structure
- UX/UI audit, A/B testing for buttons, blocks, and design changes
- Implementing programming & coding, all technical assignments - Markup, performance, redirects, robots, and more (around 30 points in the checklist)

MAR, 2019 - 250 000 users monthly

- Already having around 20% of keywords in the top 10
- For all pages we have in the top 10, we're setting new markup with Q/A, TOC, and getting them into Google Knowledge box a.k.a Position "0"
- Using this strategy we're rising average CTR From 1% to 4% just by simply adding markup and making few content changes (entities)

google search console successful

FINAL RESULT - MAY, 2019 - 440 000 users monthly + 16 000 daily clicks on CBD keywords!