How to Develop the CBD Affiliate Marketing System with High ROI

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Affiliate marketing has already become a must-follow practice for both business owners and webmasters. First of all, it is a good promotion channel. Secondly, it is an opportunity to monetize an online resource for site owners. But perhaps one of the most important points is that this affiliate marketing is relevant and effective in almost every industry.

So, can you do affiliate marketing with CBD? Yes, of course! Can you use Wix for CBD affiliate marketing? Yes, Wix can also be one of the tools for those who wish to implement this type of marketing. Let's learn the details in our marketing for CBD affiliate programs step by step guide.

CBD Affiliate Marketing Step by Step Guide

Not sure where to start in affiliate marketing? It's not as difficult as it sounds, but it certainly takes effort. Below you can find step-by-step tips that will allow you to launch a successful ad campaign and, of course, achieve a high ROI.

Determine How Much You Can Pay to Keep the Positive ROI

The first thing to start CBD affiliate marketing is to determine how much money you will need to spend and how much you are willing to allocate to achieve the desired ROI indicator.

What is ROI? This is a rate of return on investment, and you should always consider this rate no matter what you plan to do. When it comes to any spending, you need to consider how it will affect the ROI. Otherwise, you can get this indicator with a minus sign.

Implementing an affiliate strategy will require an investment and the amount will vary depending on what effect you expect. Therefore, you should calculate your desired effect from affiliate marketing CBD, find out how much money will be required for this, and how soon all your investment in this business will pay off.


Set Your KPI and Choose the Suitable Model

Surely you know what a KPI is, as it is a way to measure progress and achievement of your strategic goals. KPI in affiliate marketing for CBD implies following different monetization strategies.

What are the rules of cooperation in the framework of CBD oil affiliate marketing? Today we can safely say that affiliate marketing for CBD business is one of the relatively fast, inexpensive, and safe ways to promote your products. The essence of such cooperation is to get a conversion on a web resource. Someone chooses a certain action as an indicator of a conversion, someone chooses to make a purchase, and someone strives to increase the number of app downloads.

Therefore, when developing your CBD affiliate marketing programs, you must choose the model that will be the most profitable. Below you will find three models, although their list can go on. But below we will talk about those models that will allow you to gain positive ROI.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

This is one of the most popular models that has made this marketing industry rich. The bottom line is that the advertiser will pay if clear action is taken. For example, you can set conditions for publishers that you will pay an X% commission from each purchase. The advertiser can choose the action he needs. For example, with a limited budget, you can make a payment for subscribing to the site's newsletter, and so on.

CPI (Cost Per Install)

As for this model of cooperation, this is an ideal model for affiliate marketing if you need to promote your mobile app. The essence of this model is that publishers must engage their audience to download the app. Typically, advertisers set a commission for each app download.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

This model looks like the usual advertising standards. The essence of the model is that publishers must provoke their audience to go to the advertiser's website. Often, a unique affiliate link is created with the help of which the advertiser can monitor the traffic flow and pay the publisher for the audience influx. It is important to choose high-quality sites for this type of cooperation to receive exceptionally high-quality traffic.

Set Your Tracking Backend

To understand the source of traffic and timely reward your partners, you need to take care of tracking. If you cooperate with intermediary platforms, then this process will be automated and the platform team will help you with this.

If you want to run an affiliate marketing CBD oil, then you need to take care of high-quality software. Affiliate link tracking will help you determine how useful links from your affiliates are. This is software that separates all traffic and allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, test and analyze them, and so on. This will be a good addition to the web host that supports affiliate marketing and CBD. Let's check out two popular affiliate marketing trackers.

TDS Keitaro

To use this tracker, you need to install it on your server or hosting. You can find over 100 ad network templates, including social platforms such as Facebook. This tracker assumes different currencies within the program. There is also an availability of analytical tools, as well as the ability to synchronize with third-party analytics tools. Also, this tracker allows different levels of access for different users who work in the tracker account. It provides an opportunity to test the operation of the software for free.

bisom traffic distribution system TDS

TDS Binom

Like the previous tracker, this one also needs to be installed on a hosting or server. It is very easy to do this since the platform team works around the clock and is always ready to help in downloading the tracker. The tracker provides a click processing speed of 5-7 ms, and today this tool is one of the fastest trackers. Also, this software provides access to reports in real-time. Here you can customize the layering of reports using filters on the data. This tool also offers a trial version to discover the features of the tool.

Search-Engine-Market for cbd shops

Market your Affiliate Program with Facebook, Instagram, and SEM

Make sure to properly promote your affiliate program. Although you cannot create a Facebook page to advertise your CBD products, you can run an advertisement for your affiliate program. Therefore, don't miss such an opportunity for promotion on one of the most popular social media.

Also, don't skip Instagram but remember that you will not be able to directly promote your products or services. All you can do is run ads that will attract publishers. But it is also worthwhile to competently approach this point too. You should avoid direct references to which specific niche such an affiliate program is operating in. As for promoting your business, there are many nuances here. You only need to operate with research and cold facts without any call to action.

You also need to focus on search engine marketing (SEM). In short, this is a set of practices, the essence of which is aimed at increasing traffic to the website using paid advertising. Often, advertisers focus on keywords that users use to find certain services or products. Why is this needed? This makes it possible to show your ads along with organic search results for such user searches. Using SEM in your marketing campaign is a quick way to promote your offers and programs in a niche like CBD.

Cooperate with CBD Influencers and Bloggers to Promote Your Affiliate Program

You shouldn't ignore influencers and bloggers as well. Don't hesitate to reach out to them since such media personalities always try to make high-quality and modern content perfectly tailored to their audience's problems and specifics. As a result, their content is more attractive to search engines, and, accordingly, more users visit the site.

Often, bloggers create detailed reviews of a CBD product or service in a way that will force the audience to visit the seller's website. Accordingly, this is a good channel to attract traffic to your resource and promote CBD products.

As for influencers in this area, this is an opportunity to get a targeted audience. Choose those influencers who have a niche audience, as this will allow you to achieve really high-quality traffic and sales increments. For instance, if you need to promote CBD oil for dogs affiliate marketing, then you can find influencers in the pet industry.

Don't forget to create an affiliate marketing contract CBD in cooperation with bloggers and influencers. Often, popular media personalities with a huge audience can put forward their conditions for cooperation. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will need to revise the terms of cooperation with an emphasis on the wishes of an influencer or blogger too.

Run Your Offer on Affiliate Programs

Today many proven CBD affiliate marketing platforms will help you launch an offer and get quality results in a short period. Many platforms offer to place advertisements on very high-quality resources that can bring not only high-quality traffic but even specifically the target audience.

Cooperation with top ad networks allows you to quickly launch an advertising campaign and avoid fraudulent traffic. The advantage is that the top platforms have a good database of webmasters, which reduces the need for active advertising of your offers. Publishers will come themselves, and the platform team will carefully monitor the quality of webmasters and the implementation of your offers. Publishers strive to get access to the best affiliate marketing programs CBD. As an advertiser, you will be required to pay promptly and, of course, track your program effectiveness.

Track Conversions and Cooperate Only with Positive Webmasters

As noted earlier, conversion tracking is an opportunity to analyze traffic and its quality. Use trackers to determine which web resource brings more positive results in terms of traffic. The timely analysis will allow not only to determine which webmasters bring more results but is also an opportunity to determine which content works better. For this reason, after carrying out such an analysis, it is worth proceeding with only those webmasters who bring real results.


Getting started with affiliate marketing for a CBD business can be a challenge. Launching a successful affiliate campaign means collaborating with only proven and effective partners, keeping track of your ROI, and tailoring this marketing tactic to your business development strategy. We, at CBD Local SEO, can help you get started with a trouble-free affiliate promotion. Get in touch with us for instant and free consultation!

If you would like us to assist you with developing the CBD Affiliate Marketing System with High ROI just press "Book an estimate" button and we'll reach out to you shortly.